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It´s a magic number for me. At this altitude (in Meters) the…yes, well, altitude sickness kicks in. It starts with headaches, a revolting stomach and if you´re not intelligent enough to turn around, ends with loss of power and vomiting (if not worse). The loss of power is a funny thing – I feel that read more »

In the morning

Seven o´clock in the morning at 5130 Meters in our high camp at the Huayna Potosí (6088 m). This time I decided to stay. The others continued. More on the subject tomorrow… Everyone enjoys the first sun beams of the day Our high camp at 5130 Meters The frontier between the Altiplano and the Amazon read more »

A common Sunday afternoon…

…in the Bolivian Altiplano. Mountains forming part of the Cordillera Real can be seen in the background.

About owls, a village, an Italian priest and a catamaran

The brood of one of the most widespread birds worldwide, the Barn Owl (Tyto alba), seen in a rundown old house in Peñas, a village in the Bolivian Altiplano. Peñas offers a lot to its visitors: Amazing rocks for climbing, places for hiking, nice villagers and the Italian Father Antonio; an unconventional priest with unconventional read more »

Frozen grass

What is it: It´s frozen grass, but it has nothing to do with a known Polish vodka brand?! A proof that nature does have a sense of humour, although a bit late for Easter…  

The Last Dawn

Cordillera Real (Bolivia, 2013) – That´s how the last day of our travel welcomed us. As the winds on the Lake Titicaca tend to stick to a strict schedule, it´s essential to follow the example of the local fishermen and  to leave as early as possible…     Huayna Potosí (Bolivia, 2013)