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Why fly…

…if you can jump!

About owls, a village, an Italian priest and a catamaran

The brood of one of the most widespread birds worldwide, the Barn Owl (Tyto alba), seen in a rundown old house in Peñas, a village in the Bolivian Altiplano. Peñas offers a lot to its visitors: Amazing rocks for climbing, places for hiking, nice villagers and the Italian Father Antonio; an unconventional priest with unconventional read more »

Frozen grass

What is it: It´s frozen grass, but it has nothing to do with a known Polish vodka brand?! A proof that nature does have a sense of humour, although a bit late for Easter…  

The Last Dawn

Cordillera Real (Bolivia, 2013) – That´s how the last day of our travel welcomed us. As the winds on the Lake Titicaca tend to stick to a strict schedule, it´s essential to follow the example of the local fishermen and  to leave as early as possible…     Huayna Potosí (Bolivia, 2013)

The Illimani seen from a slightly different angle

Illimani (Bolivia, 2013) – The Illimani, an important part of the identity of La Paz, seems to raise directly from the waves of the Lake Titicaca. Actually, over 80 kilometers seperate the mountain from the lake.  

Lake Titicaca in two colours

First, we ran out of beer, then of sardines, then of colours – so enjoy the Lake Titicaca in black&white

The blockade runner

  Polish blockade runner ORP Chmurka (Bolivia, Lake Titicaca, 2013) – The Polish blockade runner ORP Chmurka seen after the successful crossing of the blocked Strait of Tiquina. The photograph shows the unit painted for camouflage purposes as a simple Bolivian fishing vessel. The deactivated Secret And Inaudible Locomotion System (S.A.I.L.S.) is clearly visible on read more »

Moon rising

Moon rising (Bolivia, 2013) – The Moon rising above the Lake Titicaca, which is located at 3800 m.a.s.l. and forms a part of the border between Bolivia and Peru. It reaches a length of 180 km and a width of up to 65 km. It’s 13 times bigger than the Lake Constance (Bodensee located between read more »

Mayday, we´re out of beer

I won´t be able to upload new content for the next ten days as I´m leaving for an excursion on the Lake Titicaca, so I´ll leave you with a longer story. So don´t read all at once… There comes a time, when everyone has to admit a weakness. Probably, I could have avoided getting the read more »


While I was travelling along the beautiful coast of Ecuador in 2012, a friend from Quito called me and insisted that I should visit a restaurant located in a small village nearby Puerto Lopez. They would serve a very special and rare dish. Well, he was right… Perceves IS a very special kind of sea read more »