The eternal traveler – Edmilson B.S.

He left with 20,000 USD which he saved in more than 15 years of work at a Brazilian fast food restaurant. The day we met at the suburbs of Cusco, Peru, he still had some 25 Cent left. His bicycle had to be repaired several times and he was forced to sell lot of his stuff. Even so, I met him this day in an excellent mood, as the Peruvian Authorities gave him the permission for a free visit to Machu Picchu. On this sunny day of November he told me, that he has been travelling for more than 5 years and 11 months. He is just one out of many: Once on the road, it results difficult to go back to a regular life. Some make it, others find a new home abroad  and some choose the road as their new place.

 After exchanging our emails I gave him some food I had stored – some noodles, canned food and juices. Beside it I gave him some money for at least one relaxed day.

Search for “Trotamundo de Sudamerica” and you´ll find him.

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