About hot dogs in Bolivia

I bought a hot dog yesterday. There would be nothing interesting about it if not the fact that I bought it on the street in La Paz, Bolivia. Even that would be quite normal, as I did so many, many times. But yesterday things were different. I decided to share my hot dog with a read more »

Coming soon: Hiking among the clouds

Coming soon: Hiking in Bolivia

Coming soon: How a certain Dutch killed a snake by accident and a certain Pole travelled next to a dead body by accident

  The last moments of an extremely unlucky snake in Bolivia

What happened to my inspiration?


  “Honey, do you think that they might be intelligent? And are they able to enjoy good grass?”


Today, mainly due to an even worse lack of inspiration than usual, I would like to invite you to share a moment of silence and reflection with me… Until the 1970´s the nuns of this convent lived completely isolated from the outerworld – they didn´t talk and show themselves to outsiders. Even between them, only read more »

Business as usual in La Paz

While I waited for my turn at the Bolivian foreigners´ registration office, two demonstrations passed in front of the building. At least, the participants of the second one  weren´t throwing overgrown and explosive birthday candles (=dynamite). Yesterday, there was a march, too. The day before yesterday not – but only because it was Sunday…

NextGen Socialist Art

As of late, in Bolivia you can find a lot of “educational” paintings on walls that resemble (for me, in an uncomfortable way) paintings from communist countries (before 1989) This one focuses on motivating people to pay their taxes (actually, this is an important issue for the Bolivian economy due to the general evasion), at the read more »

Operation Safer Weekend

Weekend – party time! Enjoy it! Just one thing – Please follow the example of this responsible gentleman and don´t drive when drunk. And don´t forget to fasten your seat belt – or use at least a rope as shown in the picture.