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Old but new: Reef, which reef?! – The last part of my visit to the Guna Yala

The departure didn´t proceed as expected. First of all, I failed to get into the boat without getting my shoes wet. In the darkness, I slipped of the edge of the boat wreck used as a kind of quay and stepped into dirty water. At least I hoped it was dirty water. But the fact, read more »

Old but new: Viva progress through deceleration! – Part four of my visit to the Guna Yala

Alcohol, music, dance, unknown substances and limited access -sounds like a (wannabe) hipster party, but it wasn´t none. With the Innamutikit ceremony, the Guna Yala celebrate the first period of a girl. Everyone is invited to the party – as long as you´re an adult and an inhabitant of the village. I fulfilled 50% of read more »

Old but new: Part three of my visit to the Guna Yala – Rules and regulations everywhere

According to established international standards, if you want something from someone, you ask the person politely. As the reader of the present text might anticipate, something went amiss while I tried to obtain a permit for taking pictures on the island. Yes, it was necessary to obtain a special permit, as the Guna Yala like read more »

Old but new: Grab your food – the second part of my visit to the Guna Yala

The family of Beira invited me to share their hut (with hammocks) and food with them. But life is always full of surprises. On the first day no one could tell my how long it would take for the lunch to be ready, so I decided to buy some cookies in one of the three read more »

Old but new: The first part of my visit to the Guna Yala

Never before have I been that near to my idea of the Paradise on Earth. Tropical islands in the Caribbean, an archipelago counting over 360 islands, only 50 of them inhabited. The San Blas Archipelago is a real beauty. Coconut palms, sun, beaches. Panama is much more than the Canal and all the Banks. But read more »