It´s a magic number for me. At this altitude (in Meters) the…yes, well, altitude sickness kicks in. It starts with headaches, a revolting stomach and if you´re not intelligent enough to turn around, ends with loss of power and vomiting (if not worse). The loss of power is a funny thing – I feel that I do have the energy to go on, I just can´t activate it. Even coca leafs (Natures answer to the described sickness, the hunger sensation and weariness) won´t help me.

So this time, I decided to stay at comfortable 5130 Meters. Finally, I made it to the summit of the Huayna Potosí (6088 m) in 2008. Vomiting.

So I took some pics. And as I´m leaving for a few days, I´ll leave you with a small gallery.

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