About owls, a village, an Italian priest and a catamaran

A young Barn Owl

The brood of one of the most widespread birds worldwide, the Barn Owl (Tyto alba), seen in a rundown old house in Peñas, a village in the Bolivian Altiplano. Peñas offers a lot to its visitors: Amazing rocks for climbing, places for hiking, nice villagers and the Italian Father Antonio; an unconventional priest with unconventional hobbies (mountaineering, motorcycles) and ideas (like constructing a catamaran on the Lake Titicaca). If you´d like to stay overnight, just ask Father Antonio in time, his rectory offers some nice accommodations.

An adult Barn Owl

One of the adult birds was observing us closely while we were shooting photos of the young birds. To avoid perturbing the birds too much, we used small pocket lamps instead of the main flash unit of the camera.

Climbing nearby Peñas

Climbing nearby Peñas

Nearby Peñas


Landscape nearby Peñas

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