UF(S)O (Bolivia, 2013)

The story of this photo reassembles   the stories about UFO sightings – many claim to have seen one, but no one was able to take a really good picture. There might be many witnesses, but without proof only view will believe them.

To this day I didn`t see any convincing proof for the existence of UFOs, but after many years in Bolivia I was able to take a picture of a really rare sighting – a Polish Polonez in Bolivia. The history of this car goes back to the times of People´s Republic of Poland, where it was designed as a hatchback (by Giorgetto Giugiaro) for the middle class. As it proofed to be quite safe, it received the permission for a worldwide export.

The model seen on the picture was produced in 1989; Don (Mr.) Victor Balboa has been driving it for 20 years now. At the beginning of our talk he was convinced to be the owner of a Russian car. Spare parts need to be produced locally. The original engine has been changed for a Toyota-produced model, but Don Victor still owns the old one. He also wishes to keep the car for a while longer – the photo shows him waiting for the annual car inspection (limited to the checking of the steering wheel, the brakes, the spare tire, the first aid kit and the lights).

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